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Sea moss Gummies


Immerse yourself in the tropical goodness of our fruit infused Sea Moss Gummies – a perfect blend of 92 essential minerals from sea moss and the power-packed nutrients of fresh fruit.  These gummies offer a convenient and delicious alternative to traditional sea moss ensuring an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults.

As just one-two gummies a day offer a convenient and flavorful addition to your wellness routine. Elevate your health with this delightful combination of flavor and nourishment, ensuring a robust and effective boost to your daily vitality.

Our Sea Moss, also referred to as Irish Sea Moss, is gathered through a method known as "Ocean Harvesting" which involves harvesting it from its natural and unpolluted habitat in the wild without any use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Once harvested, it is cleaned by hand, prepared in a vegan kitchen, and blended with alkaline spring water, organic fruits, and natural agave.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the serving per size for Sea Moss Gummies?

Our Sea Moss Gummies are recommended for daily consumption. Each bottle typically contains a 30-day supply, with the suggested serving being one-two gummies per day.

What is the recommended daily intake of Sea Moss?

We recommend taking one-two gummies per day for maximum benefits

Children (2 to 13 years old): Take one gummy per day with or without food

What is the texture of Sea Moss Gummies?

Sea Moss Gummies have a delightful chewy texture, making them a tasty and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of sea moss.

What is the difference between Sea Moss Gummies, Sea Moss Capsules, and Sea Moss Gels?

Sea Moss Gummies, Capsules, and Gels offer the same benefits when taken in the correct servings. The primary distinction lies in the form of consumption. Choose based on your preference – gummies for a delicious treat, capsules for easy swallowing, or gels for a traditional option.

How should Sea Moss Gummies be stored?

Sea Moss Gummies should be refrigerated. Sea moss gummies have 30 day self life.

Where is the Sea Moss sourced for the gummies?

Our Sea Moss is sourced from the pristine shores of Tobago ensuring high-quality and authentic sea moss for our products.


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